Becoming a member of Design Trust, Ltd. opens a world of close collaboration, inspiration and valuable business methodologies between peers.  Design Trust, Ltd. provides you with opportunities for open and unrestrained discussions of experiences and opportunities, in a non-competitive atmosphere of mutual interest, understanding, and trust. You will have access to proprietary information and advice from fellow members and experts, offering relief from the isolation that often accompanies being an executive-level, individual entrepreneur. Members contribute freely to discussions, knowing that all conversations are confidential to the group.

Design Trust, Ltd. empowers you to sharpen your business skills and operate more strategically as you develop relationships with like-minded colleagues.  All members maintain demonstrated professional achievements and personal characteristics.

01. Qualifications

To achieve our goal of keeping Design Trust, Ltd. highly qualified and intimate, membership is by invitation only.  Members must be a principal or owner of a successful interior design business.

02. Applying

If you are interested in joining Design Trust, Ltd. please contact email You be asked to complete the application and for 2 letters of recommendation from a member of Design Trust, Ltd.  You can find a list of our members here.

03. Approval

Upon receipt of the membership application and letters of recommendation, the Design Trust, Ltd. Board of Directors will review the submissions and respond back to the applicant in a timely manner.

04. Payment

Annual dues for members are $850 each. Symposiums are $1750-$2150 each to attend, plus travel and lodging. Potential members are welcome to contact any member of the Design Trust, Ltd. Board of Directors.  Please no uninvited solicitations for business, personal or charitable reasons.