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Design Trust Ltd Fall Symposium 2018

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Join us in Charleston, SC for the Design Trust, Ltd. Fall Symposium November 4-6, 2018.


Kravet, Inc.
Ketra Lighting

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Plead the Design Fifth with Keynote Speaker, Jill Waage
Editor-in-Chief, Traditional Home
In this light-hearted session, Design Trust, Ltd. members will put Jill on the spot by asking about some of the best and worst design she has witnessed in over twenty years in the design publication field.

Energizing the Company Brand
This presentation will focus on the techniques that companies use to create team enthusiasm for the company brand. When team members understand the brand and their important role in representing it, they become more than an employee -- they become brand ambassadors.
Presented by branding expert, Carrie Lannon,

Best Practices Open Forum
In this all member open forum, Design Trust, Ltd. members will present issues and solutions to challenges faced when managing a successful design business. Moderated by Design Trust, Ltd. member, Scott Ageloff.

Technology Forum: Smart Home Innovation
Designers are often called upon to create a Smart Home for the clients. Understanding your client’s requirements, how they live and addressing this through the technology available in the current marketplace can set you apart. Interactive home system designer, Justin Allison, will address how to create a Smart Home that starts with the specifications that are made by the interior designer. Presented by Justin Allison, CEO Intr@life.

Buying and Specifying Antiques
Design Trust, Ltd. member, Sarah Eilers will discuss how to incorporate antiques into design plans. In 2015, Sarah won a Best Use of Antiques Award from the American Society of Interior Designers, Texas Gulf Coast. Sarah will also lead the group on an antiques shopping adventure at Tucker Payne Antiques.

What’s New at Kravet?
In this segment, Kravet’s VP of Global Sales, Gary Searle, will update Design Trust, Ltd. on Kravet’s latest products and trends as they celebrate their 100 year anniversary in the design industry. Presented by Gary Searle, VP, Kravet, Inc.

Natural Light by Ketra Lighting
Ketra Senior Sales Representative, Becca Ryan will introduce Design Trust, Ltd. members to Ketra’s latest solutions for natural light in a built environment.
Presented by Becca Ryan, Senior Sales Representative, Ketra Lighting