01. Knowledge
When I think about my world without this group of people, I immediately feel lost and alone. It gives me a foundation based on the invaluable experience and deep knowledge of its members. More than anything, Design Trust, Ltd. represents a safe circle of understanding and sharing within a notoriously competitive industry.
— Corrine Brown, Brown Design Group
02. Growth
Being a part of Design Trust, Ltd. is such an honor. Our members are owners of accomplished design firms from across the country and being a part of this group has given me a fresh perspective on all parts of running our business successfully. There is uncompetitive support within the Trust as well as from outside speakers who offer insights and inspiration. Design Trust, Ltd. provides the opportunity to build collegial relationships in a professional, friendly and open environment.
— Anita Dawson, Dawson Design Group
03. Support
Design Trust, Ltd. is my seasoned group of confidantes. Each time we gather for a conference, my business excels to the next level. We discuss issues critical to the success and growth of our firms and we are colleagues that have each other’s best interest at heart. The members consult with each other regularly. Most importantly, we have become professional friends who want to see each other win.
— Lorna Gross, Lorna Gross Interior Design
04. Leadership
Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of people working together. Design Trust, Ltd. includes designers and architects that work together in a group to become better informed, educated, and prosperous as a whole. Why would we duplicate our efforts, when we could work together to solve work issues, enhance our processes or a find better ways to communicate? Leadership by example has been and continues to be the most successful form of leadership. At Design Trust, Ltd., we are all connected by our mutual roles as leaders of our firms and our love of design.
— Mickey Bufalini, Collaborative Design Group
05. Inspiration
The Design Trust, Ltd. has my back. Trust is the working principal between the members. We can turn to each other for ideas regarding business practices, client relations, and marketing without fear of judgement or indiscretion. We all work together to help the group and the individual members be the best we can be.

Design Trust, Ltd. is a nation-spanning group of design industry leaders seeking to improve every aspect of their individual businesses, while at the same time partnering to build significant relationships throughout the design industry. Being part of this organization inspires and energizes me.
— Sherry Hayslip, Hayslip Design Associates