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"Design Trust, Ltd. is an association of chief executive officers of leading interior design firms who are committed to sharing their wisdom and knowledge in a trusting, peer-to-peer environment. The association opens up a world of close collaboration, inspiration and valuable business methodologies to its members. Our intention is to elevate ourselves as professionals, and therefore the profession, as it evolves in a changing world."


Design Trust, Ltd. offers executive-level interior design practitioners an intimate, sharing environment where inspiration reigns, learning is ongoing and each member’s business goals are supported.  Our members hail from across the United States, but they have a few things in common – the desire to collaborate and grow their businesses and themselves as leaders within the industry and their passion for elevating the business of interior design as a whole. In today’s rapidly changing, technically sophisticated world, our members find a safe and stimulating haven.

Members of Design Trust, Ltd. are all business owners or principals of their firms. We are a growing organization. And while we want to grow, we are doing so carefully. The intimacy, trust and sharing that a smaller organization offers is of utmost importance to support our mission. 

Speaking with a single voice to the profession, industry, and the public, Design Trust, Ltd. believes that it can contribute to the advancement of our industry as we enjoy the benefits of association with a very select group of individuals.

Design Trust, Ltd. is structured as a non-profit professional association, with by-laws, a Board of Directors and a management team to handle day-to-day administration and conference planning details.


Design Trust, Ltd. members engage in high-level collegial discussions about the challenges, opportunities and issues that principals of design firms face every day in the areas of business development, human resources, client relations, entrepreneurship, legal and regulatory issues

Through bi-annual symposiums, the heart and soul of Design Trust, Ltd., we discuss issues with top-level thought leaders, learn from member presentations, and participate in interactive panels and workshops.  We believe that discussions with influencers outside of the industry offer a cross-pollination that broadens our perspective. Because our membership is strategically smaller, the symposiums are highly participatory and revelatory. The symposiums take place in May and November each year, with changing locations and exciting new venues, and to date have included inspiring venues in Washington D. C.,  New York, NY and Atlanta, GA.

Member-to-member support is offered throughout the year.  Every member knows what area of expertise each other excels in and can call upon these experts to help them excel too.  The trust built into the Design Trust, Ltd. culture allows for this type of confidential, mutual support.